The Antarctic explorer's huts - picture 3

Cape Evans Hut, Ross island, Antarctica.

Although being located in a picturesque environment, the hut has been the site of many tragic events. This picture shows the remains of the anchor of Aurora - the ship of Shackleton's Ross Sea party.
On May 6th 1915, shortly after the party arrived at the hut, the anchor chain of Aurora ripped in a storm and the unmanned ship drifted out into the open sea - leaving almost no supplies for the stranded people on land. Yet the party set out to achieve their mission: to stack up food caches for Shackleton's expedition that was supposed to cross the Antarctic continent from the other side. Left with nothing but a few pieces of biscuit, the stranded party paid with the lives of three men - yet none of them touched the food stacks they set up for Shackleton, who would never arrive after his ship sunk before they even reached the starting point of their long march.

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